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Content Management System Software

What is Content Management System?

A Content Management System (CMS) is a software application used for creating, editing, organizing & publishing the digital content. The main use of CMS software is in Enterprise Content Management & Website Content Management. Enterprise Content Management is a systematic way of collection & organization of documents or information of a company. It includes strategies, methods and tools to manage the corporate documents throughout its lifecycle. Website Content Management is the authoring the website content.

There are two components in Content Management System:

1. Content Management Application (CMA) – A graphical user interface that helps the user to control the content i.e create, modify or removal of content from website.

2. Content Delivery Application (CDA) – This provides back-end services of management support & delivery of content after its creation in CMA.

Common Features of CMS Software:

1. SEO friendly URLs

2. Modularity & Extensibility

3. Integrated & online help with discussion platforms

4. Customizable templates

5. Integrated audit logs

6. Compliancy with different accessible frameworks

7. User & group functionality

Choosing a CMS Software

It is important to consider some basic features while choosing a CMS Software. These basic functionalities include easy handling user interface & accurate search options. Some companies use software depending on other requirements also. The CMS administrator must know the number of people using the application software, if the software requires Multilanguage support. The digital content of all types should be indexed easily without any complexity. Infinity Systems builds Content Management System Software (CMS) considering the above requirements. We also build CMS software as per client’s special requirements.